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Dear Wikipedians,

This page is a candidate for deletion. I tried to save it - reforming to a diambiguation page. However, I easily survive cancellation because I can hardly imagine these definitions turn into real Wiki-pages.

--Millisits 20:39, 15 Aug 2004 (UTC)

VfD results[edit]

The following is a copy/paste from the VfD vote for this article:

  • Keep. The original page would have been deletion-worthy, but Millisits' edits have turned this into a decent disambiguation page (even if the disambiguated-between articles are unlikely to be fleshed out any time soon). --Aponar Kestrel (talk) 23:27, 2004 Aug 22 (UTC)

End copy/paste of VfD vote. SWAdair | Talk 09:56, 7 Oct 2004 (UTC)